quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2014

In this solo exhibition will be presented a compilation of new artworks of Ivo Andrade, in conjunction with previous pieces with almost a decade, never exhibited before. The body of work proposed will consist of pieces from different pathways developed within his artistic practice, all sharing a connection to the roots and the artist biographical origins. Varedas, clusters in a single word, three relevant aspects on display. It represents the procedural side of Ivo Andrade and the ramifications of his production and artistic reflection that becomes visible from the selected art pieces and from the web that is then unfolded; it refers specifically to the footpaths of Pastors and animals of the mountains where the artist grew up and knows so well; and finally, it references the desired approximation to Heidegger’s concept of Holzwege.

Veredas | Ivo Andrade | Casa Bernardo | 26 Julho

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