terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Bernardo Collection, an alternative project.

According to the ICOM the Museum is "... a permanent institution,
nonprofit, service to society and its development, open to the public
which acquires, conserves, researches, disseminates and explains the
material evidence of people and their surroundings for education and
delight of society ... ".

Of course all this would be valid if the Museum was an institution
that Bernardo lived only in his collection, which does not happen at
all. Pedro Bernardo has created, through a curatorial planning, work
resolutely toward education, properly identifying the parts and
contextualising the material exposed to information about them on his
blog, accessible to the average visitor, and providing varied
additional educational activities. In the background, and contrary to
what he himself would wish, is heading for the definition of ICOM, but
does he want to get there???

The Museum Bernardo is, above all, a forum for debate of ideas and has
built up a collection. Such institutions appeared more alternatives in
Central Europe in the 60s when many emerging artists could not
overcome the barriers of traditional museums and had no way to
integrate the circuits of major exhibitions and get to work so they
put themselves and created the their "museums".

The temple of the muses have assumed dimensions extremely varied and
comprehensive. Walter Benjamin believed that museums are "spaces that
give rise to dreams", André Malraux, thought that museums are places
that "provide the highest idea of man."

Many years ago my Art History teacher told us that "Art was See See
See See and again," a phrase that has been given by the duo Gilbert &
George in his famous Ode to Art. In the background experience. Not in
the sense of View "refinement" (as has criticized Duchamp), but see
the sense of experiencing. It is with this attitude that we would like
to invite you to "look" for this exhibition, living in a way.

Entering the Museum building Bernardo Caldas da Rainha is always an
act of "being with art" and not "see" Art, and perhaps this is the
great secret of Pedro Bernardo. The Collector does not create
exposures where people just circulate and teem a passive attitude of
the works of commentators, he has created over the years are scenarios
where we can experience life, whether retinal or other. And it is
these others that interest me, so I hope to visit this exhibition of
the Museum Collection Bernardo, more to come See Art Works and
integrate them in their aesthetic categories, look for these symbols
as parts of a remarkable work done by Bernardo Museum over the last
year in a city that has a School of Arts and Cultural Center that are
directed back to back to each other.
This has been cultural agitator with his work and that, over the years
has built a remarkable collection and has been surrounded by Artists,
Curators, Teachers, Curious, collectors, gallerists, finally a real
centre of Creative Ideas .

For all this I guarantee you when you visit this exhibition which will
find, unlike you might think, not be paintings, photographs, drawings,
videos, although they are present, they will find are questions,
issues shared by the artists that we interrogate with their jobs and
that too has been the material of the work of Pedro Bernardo, ask
ourselves constantly to be on their way to Art. He did not just make a
collection to have in the museum, whether exposed or in their
reserves. No. what Pedro has done, and continues to do is invite us to
enter the world of art, is to bring this world to the average citizen.

Challenge those who love art or not, looking at these pieces and
question them. Tell evil, be assertive, but please enjoy every one to
discuss ideas, so, basically, LIVE. You can be sure that Pedro and
thank Bernardo Museum and its collection because this project is an
Ode to Art, is an Ode to Life.

Usually I never read these texts input, so quickly descend the stairs
and then find two characters as two figures, welcome you/ question you
as an invitation.


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